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A Cantonese cocktail salon for past and future
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Kinsman is a Cantonese cocktail salon for past and future. Under the direction of creative lead Gavin Yeung, its pioneering cocktail program celebrates the tradition of Cantonese spirits crafted for the discerning drinkers of today. Anchored in old-world Hong Kong while incorporating mid-century modernist design philosophies, Kinsman is a tribute to a lush, bygone era, refracted through a modern lens.

About Gavin Yeung

Gavin Yeung is the co-founder of Kinsman and senior editor at Tatler Dining. Having written for the likes of Hypebeast, Soho House and Vogue Hong Kong, Gavin is responsible for the creative direction and mixology at Kinsman, a Cantonese cocktail salon that champions the forgotten tradition of indigenous Cantonese spirits.

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Kinsman - 65 Peel Street - Central - Hong Kong


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Opening hours

Mon-Thu, 6pm-1am
Fri-Sat, 6pm-2am, walk-ins only


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About Singular Concepts

The singular remarkable adventures of the stories we tell are born with the core of fostering a culture of genuine hospitality with a hedonistic obsession. We are the gatekeepers of making the world better, one plate/drink at a time, by going against the grain and pushing the boundaries of each of our concepts with limitless imagination.

We work to improve lives, inside and outside the walls of our venues, with no job being too small. We believe that by extending our hospitality to our communities, we strengthen our own company culture.

A group that takes the lead in bringing unique concepts to life. Exploring different cultures and experiencing them firsthand in order to tell our curious tales of adventures through our venues.

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