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Main Deck

The main floor features an airconditioned main lounge with plush sofas and seating alongside a fully-stocked professional bar/cocktail station as a key focus. At the stern of the yacht, you will find the outdoor dining area that can easily accommodate up to 8 people for a private dining reception. There is an outdoor front deck used for a cocktail area, yoga activities or simply to lounge and sunbathe around while sailing.


Upper Deck

The upper deck has been fitted out with relaxed seating for a laid-back feel to enjoy a cocktail and star gaze. It has also a professional surround sound system and DJ booth ready to use to make Entourage the perfect dancefloor and party venue for all your different celebrations.






The boat is located in the Aberdeen Shelter.


Onboarding Pier : Aberdeen Praya Road Landing No. 4



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About Singular Concepts

The singular remarkable adventures of the stories we tell are born with the core of fostering a culture of genuine hospitality with a hedonistic obsession. We are the gatekeepers of making the world better, one plate/drink at a time, by going against the grain and pushing the boundaries of each of our concepts with limitless imagination.

We work to improve lives, inside and outside the walls of our venues, with no job being too small. We believe that by extending our hospitality to our communities, we strengthen our own company culture.

A group that takes the lead in bringing unique concepts to life. Exploring different cultures and experiencing them firsthand in order to tell our curious tales of adventures through our venues.

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